Activated carbon soap for skin cleansing

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The natural text means that all the ingredients were obtained in a genuine way, without the action of chemical agents or processes that require toxic agents. How do you know if all natural products really are? Because you read the labels and components carefully and also the brand.

If you are the woman who takes care of the cleaning of your house you know how much time you have to clean your hands after every cleaning job you do at home, even when you cook you are in contact with different ingredients that can harm your hands from the point of physical sight as to the smell that leaves you.

Therefore it is very important that you use products of the highest quality that can replenish the pH balance of the skin, in particular, in this case, the hands.
This exquisite combination of active charcoal, lemon and lavender makes this soap the most suitable for a deep cleansing, degreasing and antiseptic, either for the face or for the hands of every housewife. In addition to the delicate perfume of lavender your hands will be as new and ready for a delicate and perfumed caress.

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The Yellow Bird


Activated Charcoal, Lavender, Lemongrass




the Yellow Bird


the Yellow Bird


the Yellow Bird